UK Beach Town creates an eco-art walk with art made from waste found on the beach

Three local groups have teamed up to create a unique eco-art trail around a small seaside town in North Yorkshire in the UK.

To start the month, Saltburn-by-the-Sea wanted to encourage people to see different types of artwork that showcased their love of the sea and showed how we can turn trash into art, according to the community. Facebook page.

“There’s never been a better time to think about how we’re protecting our ocean. At least 8 million tonnes of discarded plastic enters our oceans every year. So before it gets there, why not take it back and create something magical with it – for the whole community to enjoy!” writes the community Facebook page.

All of the artwork was made from trash found on the local beach and distributed through the city streets as part of the community carnival. Those who participated received a map and walked to the various art installations in the city. They had to write the letters next to the artwork on their card to spell an eco-phrase. Then they might reap a prize of ‘The reduction‘ a local zero-waste store and an ecological centre.

Saltburn by the sea eco art trail map
Source: Saltburn/Facebook Community Response

“Along the trail, check out the amazing signs at Emmanuel Church that were created as part of the ‘wrap it community challenge’ by Saltburn Charity Crafters and bag yourself a great deal of recycled crafts at the Community Hall,” said declared on community page.

Locals were also encouraged to take pictures of their favorite pieces to enter a contest to win a Reduce Well. The installations will be visible until June 5th.

TVI reported Cat O’Neil, director of Saltburn Community Response, said: “Organizations in Saltburn have come together to celebrate and raise awareness of an important issue for our town; our beloved sea.

“We wanted everyone to be involved, so Crafters and The Cut Back have been busy for the past few months creating upcycled artwork, bringing people together after being apart for so long.”

Cut Back, MOOGA and Saltburn Community Response held weekly community workshops to create the eco-art trail pieces from waste materials. We can learn a lot from this community. It takes whole communities to make a difference, it’s time we started working together!

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