Turkeys and pies flying off shelves as people prepare for Thanksgiving

CHICO, Calif .– People always rush to the grocery store for their last minute Thanksgiving purchases.

S&S Organic Produce and Natural Foods in Chico was packed today with shoppers picking up their last minute turkeys.

The big draw at S&S has been the fresh, free-range and organic turkeys.

Some people are turning things around this year and grabbing prime rib and ham as well. They see pre-pandemic numbers coming here to grab their meat.

“It’s just very busy,” said S&S Meat Department Manager Adam Thomas. “We ordered early so we seem to have enough product this year and surely we are seeing higher demand so it’s just busy, busy. “

Claudia Weber was at S&S collecting food for the family.

“Everyone’s fighting for turkey thighs, so now I’m ordering turkey thighs,” Weber said. “Just turkey thighs!”

Places like Save Mart on East Avenue told Action News Now they are open until 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving. They have a lot of holiday dinners and expect a lot of last minute shoppers.

Dessert is also in high demand this year. Upper Crust Bakery in downtown was the busiest it had ever been.

They worked hard for 48 straight hours to meet all the requirements of the Thanksgiving pie.

Last year, Upper Crust Bakery saw such demand that one of its ovens broke down. This year the team here was ready as the owner tells me they have two new ovens.

Pies aren’t the only treats people buy in the popular bakery to celebrate the holidays.

“We’ve pre-ordered and we have three quiches, one order of cinnamon rolls and two orders of rolls,” said Ed Butler, who collects baked goods at Upper Crust Bakery. “This is the first half of my load, taking everything from the car.”

Upper Crust originally had 366 pre-ordered pies and has doubled today as they made over 800 pies for Thanksgiving. From pecans to apples, pumpkin has always been the most popular pie flavor here this year.

The good news for Upper Crust is that while they’ve had a really busy vacation, they’re finally full.

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