The proposed solutions miss the mark

According to the National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS), proposed solutions to tackle agricultural emissions “miss the mark.”

NOTS is a non-profit network specializing in training for organic and regenerative agriculture sectors.

NOTS Network Manager Sean McGloin highlighted the high level of scrutiny of the agricultural sector in his keynote address at BioFarm 2021, Ireland’s organic farming conference taking place this week.

He also highlighted the role that organic and regenerative agriculture can play in tackling climate change in the agricultural industry.

Farmers can be part of the solution to emissions through proper management of soil health and biology, rather than a goal governments should aim for, he said.

“Our motivation behind BioFarm is the need to discuss the growing interest in organic and regenerative agriculture that is happening around the world,” he said.

“Over the past few months and, in particular, 10 days, there appears to be an increased level of monitoring over the agricultural sector with respect to emissions.

“Yes, the agricultural sector – like all other sectors, has emissions – and it will have to be addressed, but agriculture is so blamed, and the proposed solutions miss the mark.”

The solution can be much simpler than people or policymakers realize, he said.

“What if we take a look at the science behind what soil biology is and invest in farmers to be part of the solution so that through knowledge sharing and practical application in the field, the soil health is improved?

“If we do this, as an indirect consequence, biodiversity increases, emissions, water pollution and flooding decrease – ultimately leading to carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation.”

This is the fourth annual BioFarm event, which aims to encourage Irish farmers to adopt new methods.

The conference will run until Friday, November 12.

More than 25 renowned Irish and international speakers will present to delegates throughout the week, including experts from Australia, New Zealand, Uganda, US and UK.

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