The federal government will send 200 young people to Israel and Morocco on crop production and animal husbandry

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has announced plans to send 200 young Nigerians to build their capacity in crop production and livestock production in Israel and Morocco.

Such a motive is in line with the continuation of the National Young Farmers Program (NYFS), a program that President Muhammadu Buhari launched a few months ago. The programs would have helped Nigeria in terms of food availability during the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, otherwise the country would have gone to other countries to beg for food.

The National Farmland Development Authority (NALDA) has revealed that the aim is to make farming more attractive to the youths of the country as the training will equip them on modern farming and agribusiness, this which will lead to massive food production for Nigerians and more food export.

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They further revealed that Israel and Morocco were chosen because they have expertise in greenhouse cultivation and animal husbandry. Young people will be drawn from all 36 states of the federation, and upon their return to the country, they will begin teaching others what they have learned from the program.

This is a very commendable move by the Buhari-led administration as it will indeed help nurture a young generation of farmers who will use their expertise to advance the Nigerian agricultural sector. Also, this initiative will change the ideology of many young people, who believe that agriculture is only done by peasants.

They will understand that farming is a very lucrative business from which they will derive a lot of income, as well as an adequate food supply not only for their personal consumption, but also for the nation.

Such strategic training will also attract the interest of many young people and also be a source of employment for the unemployed, which will automatically reduce the unemployment rate in the country. It will also improve food security in the country.

Currently, Nigeria is still characterized by a high dependence on food imports. Due to food shortages in rural areas of the country, malnutrition is already widespread, which has often increased the death rate in the country.

However, it is relevant to note that food security is not only having sufficient quantities of various basic foods, but also having access to all citizens to these foods at very affordable prices.

Once this initiative is effectively led by the government to send 200 young people to Israel and Morocco for animal husbandry and agriculture, it will ensure the country’s food security and achieve self-sufficiency in food production.

Nevertheless, even if such an initiative is properly executed, yielding many benefits, unless the government puts in place strict policy measures to ensure the safety of farmers on their farmland and other security issues, a nation in food security will never emerge.

Once the issue of insecurity is properly addressed, with the expertise of trained youths and many others, there will be enough food not only for the citizens of the country, but also the country will derive more revenue from export of these agricultural products. merchandise.

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