Razer Partners With Creators Of 3DMark To Set The Standard For Green Gaming

This year’s RazerCon announcements include an upcoming eco-friendly watch design, adorable new Sneki Snek products, and talks about Razer’s partnership with two new companies. Of course, these are eco-centric companies that are just as dedicated to saving the planet as they are.

By now, any kind of nature-loving gamer will have heard of the Razer Green Fund initiative. Now, joining the multi-million dollar lifestyle brand’s list of enduring collaborations is Insurers’ laboratories (UL), the world’s largest non-profit science and certification company (and supplier of 3DMark reference software); as well as Panerai, a manufacturer of luxury watches * checks notes *.

The latter may seem out of place, but Panerai and Razer both share a passion for preserving the oceans, as manifested previously in Razer’s ClearBot collaboration. Not only will Razer be involved in the design of a “limited edition co-branded timepiece made from sustainable materials,” but together the two brands will launch a year-long campaign to “improve knowledge of the oceans. “.

The upcoming watch design will be unveiled next year, along with an announcement in March that will detail a cause the two companies will be supporting together.

Razer and Panerai logos floating above the ocean

(Image credit: Razer)

When it comes to Underwriters Laboratories, you will likely recognize the company as UL if you’ve ever gotten into PC benchmarking. UL has been helping set safety standards for years, even as early as (and beyond) the 1930s by certifying early models of consumer electronics, such as electric dishwashers, washing machines, and black and White.

Now with UL in tow, Razer is leading the charge to change the gaming industry from the inside out. Together, the two companies will propose a standardized method for measuring an “eco-gaming product”. Since there are currently no standards for a product to be marketed as “green”, the partnership will set a bar for manufacturers seeking an environmental product claim. This means that businesses, as well as you, the consumer, can more completely reduce the impact on the resources of our world.

It all pairs well with Razer’s sustainable growth initiative, which includes a veritable forest of Sneki Snek products already on the move to save a million trees. Now, three new Sneki drops have also been announced: a fleece blanket launched at 800,000 trees saved, a new keycap at 900,000 and a Razer Sneki hoodie at the Million Trees Bar.

Additionally, Sneki will soon star in his own cartoon series, with each episode focusing on a different environmental issue and seeking to “give viewers eco-friendly habits that can be adopted.”

As if Razer toilet paper weren’t enough, the company appears to be staying strong on the path to a more sustainable future for gamers. The company plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, and by creating a standard for other gaming brands, as well as bringing other brands into the green fold, Razer is spearheading a movement creeping eco-games that are sure to change the landscape for good. .

Gambling may not be the most eco-friendly pastime, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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