Planet Friendly Living Launches First Line of Eco-Friendly Products From Burwell Base

Clare Freeman and Catherine Wrench are off to a good start with their new business, Planet Friendly Living, and look forward to a busy festive period to spur the launch of their new line of eco-friendly products.

Planet Friendly Living encourages the switch to environmentally friendly products. Photo: Keith Heppell

The duo were already a success in their own right after forming the Out-of-School Alliance in 2009. The Alliance provides information and support to individuals and organizations that set up and run after-school clubs.

“Our kids are now in college and sixth grade, so we started to move past school age to think about what the future holds,” says Clare, who had been an internet consultant before forming the Alliance.

“We sold the business to a lady named Rebecca Jackson,” adds Catherine, an early childhood professional.

Clare continues, “Then we wanted to do something different and we realized that we both wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and take steps to achieve it. “

Catherine: “It’s about living more simply, really.

“We are not evangelists,” says Clare.

Planet Friendly Living started in June, after the sale of the previous activity and after a period of research and stock building. Her online operation launched last week and the new organization is run from Catherine’s home in Burwell (Clare lives in Swaffham Prior). The company offers for sale about fifty items from ten suppliers.

Clare Freeman, left, and Catherine Wrench of Planet Friendly Living.  Photo: Keith Heppell
Clare Freeman, left, and Catherine Wrench of Planet Friendly Living. Photo: Keith Heppell

“All of the catalog items are eco-friendly,” says Clare, “and they’re all plastic-free except for one – an eco-friendly egg that’s an alternative to laundry detergent and is expected to last 10 years. “

Catherine adds, “There are no single-use products, except plasters which are made from bamboo – generally plasters are not made from materials that are easily composted.

Clare continues, “We have reduced the cost of our products to avoid shipping and packaging. So for a liter of detergent we provide a small bag and the consumer adds a liter of water. The range is mainly made up of household items.

“We start with the housewares, then the wrapping paper and the decorative paper tape, where the tape is plastic. We also have shampoo bars, makeup remover pads, bags of produce to use for fruits and vegetables in supermarkets, coconut scouring pads and reusable sprays.

Delivery to anywhere in the UK is via Royal Mail and takes three to five days.

“We promote ourselves on social media – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, although it’s low key,” Clare says. “We have had a lot of orders since launch. The biggest problem we’ve had so far is that people locally wanted us to reimburse their shipping costs, so now we deliver locally for free.

Catherine notes: “It feels good to go out on a bike. For 2022, we want to be not just a store, but a hub for people looking to improve their lives in terms of sustainability.

“There are already articles on the website on Lifestyle Choices, and there will be more, including on alternative thermal insulation, vehicles and organizing a greener wedding, than we do. will add over time so that we can be a central point of information.

The Planet Friendly Living range includes reusable eco-scrubbers and sprays.  Photo: Keith Heppell
The Planet Friendly Living range includes reusable eco-scrubbers and sprays. Photo: Keith Heppell

“We are currently hosting guest writers.

Product prices range from £ 2 to a maximum of £ 22. Delivery costs £ 3.75 (free for orders over £ 40).

– Readers of Cambridge Independent are entitled to a one-time special discount of 10% on their next purchase with Planet Friendly Living.

Use the code CAMBIND when ordering. The discount is valid until December 31, 2021.

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