Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Now Accepts Minnesota Cash Advance Requests

MINNEAPOLIS, June 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Legal-Bay, The Pre-Settlement Funding Company, today announced that it is accepting applications for settlement funding for all Minnesota residents who have a lawsuit in progress and need the money now. The Minneapolis and St. Paul regions have been hardest hit in recent weeks, where unemployment has skyrocketed.

Legal-Bay reports that the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that a litigation financing contract was indeed enforceable and not contrary to public order.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, said: “We are delighted to immediately begin funding residents of the greater State of Minnesota, who were hit hard new York and California. The court also recognized that the perspective on commercial litigation financing has changed dramatically over the years. Such rhetoric is music to the ears of so many who are waiting for their case to be settled and in need of an immediate cash advance. ”

If you would like to find out how to receive a cash advance from your early settlement, please visit the company’s website. HERE or call 877.571.0405 where agents are on hold.

Legal-Bay is a leader in police brutality and wrongful convictions cases nationwide, as well as most personal injury lawsuits and commercial litigation, including auto and truck accidents, medical malpractice. , unjustified deaths, 3M, Hernia Mesh, IVC Filters, Roundup, Essure, Premises Liability, Appeal Judgment or Verdict, Appeal Funding, Business Case Funding, Portfolio Loans, Whistleblower, Copyright or Patent Infringement, and more.

If you would like to apply, please visit the company website HERE or call 877.571.0405 where agents are available 24 hours a day.

Reviews of Legal Bay have shown them to be a great lawsuit finance company to work with. Funding for lawsuits, commonly referred to by plaintiffs as pre-settlement loans or case funding, is always risk-free. You only pay back if you win your case, and there are never any upfront fees or credit checks. Many applicants qualify these services as lawsuit loans or lawsuit loans, but the non-recourse cash advance is not a lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, settlement loans, or pre-settlement loans.


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