Kate Hudson shares the $39 hydrating face mask she loves


  • Kate Hudson has teamed up with Juice Beauty to create a clean skincare face mask.
  • This is Juice Beauty’s Acacia + Rose Powder Revitalizing Mask and it’s made with high-tech organic plant powders.
  • “It’s not just another mask. It’s exceptional and you can see the results instantly,” Hudson said in a press release for Juice Beauty.

    Kate Hudson means business when it comes to her health and skincare regimens. The actress and entrepreneur frequently posts intense workout videos, healthy smoothie recipes and the beauty products she swears by. And her latest skincare product reveal is something you’ll definitely want to try.

    In a recent Instagram video, Hudson shared her favorite hydrating face mask, Juice Beauty’s Acacia + Rose Powder Revitalizing Mask and it’s available to buy at Ulta Beauty.


    Acacia + Rose Powder Revitalizing Mask

    Beauty Juice


    The 42-year-old teamed up with Juice Beauty to create the mask, so it’s no wonder it’s one of her favorites. Hudson helped develop the product after being inspired by her longtime relationship with founder Karen Behnke and their mutual love for clean beauty, wellness and environmentalism.

    “I feel a real connection to Juice Beauty and Karen. In fact, she was the one who opened my eyes to clean, green beauty over 15 years ago before it was a thing,” said Hudson in a press release for Juice Beauty. “She came to my house and detoxified my bathroom of conventional chemical brands. That’s when I realized I needed to think differently about my beauty regimen, just like I already did in other areas of my life.

    During the video, Hudson begins her skincare routine by standing under a facial steamer, allowing the steam to cover her face, then she mixes the mask in a small bowl with water until that it turns into a liquid texture. Then she uses the small applicator brush to smooth it over her cheeks, forehead and nose.

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    the Juice Beauty Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask is designed to gently detoxify impurities and replenish skin with antioxidant-rich plant nutrients. Its formula is infused with many good-for-the-skin skincare ingredients like acacia powder, rose petal photopigment powder, hyaluronic acid salt, and organic olive leaf powder.

    “It’s not just another mask. It’s exceptional and you can see the results instantly! Hudson said.

    The secret to its hydration and radiance lies in the exclusive blend of high-tech powders, which illuminate your overall complexion. Meanwhile, rose petals contain vitamin C, a natural skin lightener.

    “Vitamin C helps produce collagen (which keeps skin firm and reduces the appearance of wrinkles), protects skin from sun damage and age spots, and leaves a brightening effect,” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Boston, in a previous interview with Prevention.

    If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, this mask still fits the bill – it can be personalized however you like. The brand notes that you can mix and match the powder to water ratio to create the perfect consistency, making the mask as light or rich as you want. In the video, you can see that Hudson prefers to use a small amount of water to make his, which results in a thicker consistency.

    If you need extra hydration (due to cold, dry weather) like us, try the Hudon Face Mask. Shop the product below along with a few of her other favorite skincare picks.

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