Edgewater man killed on Staten Island described as “calm”

An Edgewater resident was one of two men shot dead Tuesday night at a Staten Island credit bureau, authorities said.

Michael Genovese, 57, and another man whose identity has not been released were found dead when police responded to a report of shots fired at 6:14 p.m. Tuesday, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department.

Genovese and a 52-year-old man, whose name is withheld pending notification from the family, were found shot and wounded at 124 Buel Ave., which is the site of Universal Merchant Funding, a loan and fund company. cash advance to small business.

The man from Edgewater is one of two people murdered on Staten Island on Tuesday night.  The man lived in the new apartment building overlooking the Hudson River at The Pearl on Somerset Lane.  Tariq Zehawi / NorthJersey.com

Law enforcement sources told WNBC that two employees were counting money at the back of the Buel Avenue building when a masked man stormed in and shot them in the head. The suspect then fled in a vehicle.

Neighbors told WNBC they heard nothing and there was no loud noise when the men were shot.

In Edgewater, Genovese resided in the luxury apartment building The Pearl. Property manager John Hunt said he had lived there as a tenant for about eight months with his wife, Nancy Cucuzza, and two dogs.

Hunt described him as a “nice guy” although he was “very calm”. Hunt “only saw him in the morning when he went to work.”

The doorman of the apartment building Jack D’Anna just learned of the news of Genovese’s death on Wednesday.

“Oh Jesus. It’s terrible, “he said.” I see him every morning walking with the dog. It’s terrible. “

D’Anna reiterated that Genovese was a calm but nice guy. He said 99% of the time he got out of here with one of the dogs.

The couple’s dog walker Robert Lopez said he didn’t know Genovese very well but called him “serious but respectful”, adding that he was a “very short and serious person when he spoke to you. speak”.

Lopez said the couple were very devoted to their dogs, which they walked five days a week.

“They would spend anything to save their dogs,” he said. He noted that their older dog, Sunny, whom he walks regularly, was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and that Genovese took the younger dog, Lucca, to work with him every day.

Lopez said he had never seen “anything extraordinary” and that they were “normal people”.

Devin Rocco, who worked at the company until three months ago making cold calls, told WNBC he knew the victims.

“It could have been me,” Rocco said. “I never expect something like this to happen.” There were no arrests and the police gave no reason for the shooting. It is not known if this was a random theft or if the company was targeted.

Bishop David Maldonado told WNBC he prayed with their families when he learned of what had happened.

“There are no words,” said Maldonado. “We have to show our love, be there, be united.”

No arrests had been made on Wednesday morning and the investigation was ongoing.

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